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ORK Tutorials

I've released the first 3 tutorials the last weeks: Tutorials

Tutorial 1 - Item Creation
This tutorial teaches you how to create a new item in the Project Editor and add it to a scene using the ItemCollector prefab.


Tutorial 2 - Player/Event Interaction

This tutorial teaches you how to create a player prefab which can interact with events. It also covers how to set up a simple event to spawn your player in a scene.

Tutorial 3 - Cinematic Dialogue Event
This tutorial teaches you how to create dialogue positions, camera positions and use them in a game event to create a cinematic dialogue event.

I'm currently workin on ORK 1.0.2 - will have some new features and improvements, e.g. gizmo icons, some new character options to allow the creation of a mercenary system and items setting/removing game variables. Update will be released next week.