... real soon!

The development of the base RPG Kit for Unity has already been completed. I'm currently busy setting up a demo game created with the kit and writing the documentation.

The kit is officially named ORK, short for Okashi RPG Kit ... since my company is named Okashi Itsumo :D
I was really happy to see that http://rpg-kit.com was still available, so you'll find the information about the kit, the demo game and the documentation stuff there ... once it's done.

The release will be this weekend - maybe Saturday, maybe Sunday ... as soon as its done!


Ok, I didn't had as much time as I needed yesterday ... so I have to delay the release till Tuesday. It's the fault of this young lady here :D

Sorry, I have to delay the release again - there are just too many features that need to be explained and documented. New release date is Monday next week, but I'll make the demo game available as soon as it is finished!

Kinda ran out of time; going on a short trip this weekend, so the demo is delayed till next week, hope I get everything done till Monday ...


RPG Kit – Coming soon

I've been hard working on the RPG Kit for Unity, so I kinda had no time to post about it …

But the good news is: it's nearly done! I'm currently implementing the last (small) things – afterwards documentation and example projects.
The base kit now contains far more features than I had originally planned, but will still lack some things like a shop editor or a menu editor. Those things will come before the end of the year (or you can code them yourself if you want to – the documentation will contain how to access the needed information).

Nevertheless the RPG Kit for Unity is feature packed:

  • Complete (RPG) project management:
    Items, skills, equipment, characters, enemies, etc.
  • Event editor:
    Dialogues, choice dialogues, cinematic camera controls, actor movements, party functions, animations, audio, etc. – use more than 70 different event controls to create typical RPG events; cinematic and reusable
  • Battle system:
    Complete and complex – but easy to set up; turn based or active time; comes with an animation editor (like event editor) to set up complex battle animations with cinematic camera moves, etc.
  • Music editor:
    Define your tracks and give them individual loop points (e.g. first loop from 1:20 to 0:40, second loop from 2:30 to 1:30, etc.); use the defined music for events, battles, etc.; fade in/out, fade from one track to another;
  • Reusability:
    Define dialogue and camera positions in an editor and use them where you need them – events, battles, etc.; Reuse events wherever you want, just add an event to a game object and set up which objects/prefabs/sounds to use, make it dependent to game variables (which can be set in events, etc.)
  • Area names:
    Set up names for areas in your game and automatically display when you enter a new one; easy to set up and …
  • Multilingual:
    The RPG Kit for Unity enables you to develop everything in as many languages as you want; set up the languages in the Project Editor; define every name of a skill, item, character, enemy, dialogue texts, …, everything in every defined language. The RPG Kit will display every text in the currently selected language. (at a later point there will be language exporting/importing to allow easy expansion without having to change everything in the editors).

I think that's pretty much everything that will be in the base kit – of course it will come with ready to use prefabs where possible.
The release will be in 1-2 weeks – maybe already this weekend (October 15 or 16), but I can't guarantee it, since there is a lot of stuff to document.

So, that's it for now – I'll be back once it's done :D
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