ORK 1.0.8, MSE 1.0.3: Official iOS/Android support!

The past month have brought some cool new features to ORK - and now we have official iOS and Android support!
Some of the recent features include a lot of new features to the skill system, e.g. skill combos, passive skills, skill levels, cast and reuse times, etc.

See the complete changelog here: >changelog<

The next big things to come are the real time battle system, skill learning and status value development by spending experience points and a HUD system update!


ORK 1.0.5 and Menu/Shop Extension released

It's been some time since my last blog entry ... sorry for that :)

There have been some nice new developments around ORK, version 1.0.5 has just been released (>see the changelog for details<) abd there have been some new >tutorials<.

Oh, and we released the first extension for ORK: the >Menu/Shop Extension<
This extension brings a complete menu and shop system, quest logs and drag and drop functionality - e.g. you can drag items from the menu back into the game world, their positions can optionally be saved on scene change and save game ... how cool's that :D

There are 2 new demos available to see what you can do with ORK and the Menu/Shop Extension. The first one shows a Final Fantasy style menu (keyboard control), the second a more MMO like drag and drop menu - both done with the MSE, and the difference in the setup? An option enabled and some different dialogue positions used ... easy, hu?

The next things to come for ORK are:
  • iOS/Android support
  • some new battle system features (e.g. dynamic battle option)
  • real time battle system (extension)
  • and other stuff :)
That's it for now, I'll try to write here some more from now on ...



ORK Christmas discount

Starting now we have a 15 % price reduction on all licences!
Get your Christmas discount until December 25, 2010!

ORK Shop


ORK Tutorials

I've released the first 3 tutorials the last weeks: Tutorials

Tutorial 1 - Item Creation
This tutorial teaches you how to create a new item in the Project Editor and add it to a scene using the ItemCollector prefab.


Tutorial 2 - Player/Event Interaction

This tutorial teaches you how to create a player prefab which can interact with events. It also covers how to set up a simple event to spawn your player in a scene.

Tutorial 3 - Cinematic Dialogue Event
This tutorial teaches you how to create dialogue positions, camera positions and use them in a game event to create a cinematic dialogue event.

I'm currently workin on ORK 1.0.2 - will have some new features and improvements, e.g. gizmo icons, some new character options to allow the creation of a mercenary system and items setting/removing game variables. Update will be released next week.


ORK version 1.0.1 - now with C#

I'm happy to announce the release of the new version of ORK. All scripts are now available in JavaScript and C# versions - you'll get both on purchase!

There are also some new features, e.g. the ItemCollector, which allows easy placement and collection of items in scenes (handles displaying the item's prefab, adding the item to the inventory, displaying a dialogue which informs about the collected item and handles setting and checking game variables, etc.).

Read all changes in the changelog.



ORK now officially supports Web Player publishing

As the title states - ORK Okashi RPG Kit for Unity now officially supports publishing to the Web Player platform! This was the next big step after the release on November 7, 2010.

And we got the demo to prove it :D

Web Player Demo

Have fun!


ORK Okashi RPG Kit proudly released!

I'm proud to announce - it is done!

ORK Okash RPG Kit, a role playing game development kit for the Unity Game Development Tool is now officially released.

Visit rpg-kit.com for details. You'll find a small overview of ORKs features, the complete (and massive) documentation and, naturally, the shop with informations on the licences and prices.