ORK Okashi RPG Kit proudly released!

I'm proud to announce - it is done!

ORK Okash RPG Kit, a role playing game development kit for the Unity Game Development Tool is now officially released.

Visit rpg-kit.com for details. You'll find a small overview of ORKs features, the complete (and massive) documentation and, naturally, the shop with informations on the licences and prices.



  1. Glückwünsche zum Release!

    P.S.: 800. Love u! :)

  2. I have a Question -

    When you mean 1 developer, you mean 1 person license or 1 programmer license, or 1 user per computer license?

    I just want to be clear on the matter.

  3. It's a 1 person licence, gotta make that clear on the homepage :D